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How To Make Sure You Pick A Secure WordPress Theme

18 Oct

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your site is one of the most challenging and important decisions you’ll have to make. However, even if you find a theme that’s gorgeous and offers all the features you want, you’ll still need to make sure it’s ‘safe’ for you to use. If you can find a secure WordPress theme that meets all your criteria, you’ve landed on a winner.

Building your site with a secure WordPress theme makes maintaining it less stressful. You won’t need to worry as much about it becoming outdated, causing conflicts with your plugins, falling prey to malicious actors, or outright breaking your site. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent themes available that fit the bill.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what makes a WordPress theme safe to use. Then we’ll introduce some websites where you can find high-quality options, and offer two tools that can help you test your themes to make sure they’re safe.

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The term ‘secure’ can be interpreted in a lot of ways, so let’s be clear on what it means in this context. A secure WordPress theme is one that doesn’t include any (known) security vulnerabilities, is consistently updated, follows proper code standards, and is compatible with both your version of WordPress and your site’s other elements (such as its plugins).

This definition alone makes it clear why picking a secure WordPress theme is so important. To start with, you’ll avoid unnecessary bugs, compatibility errors, and similar issues. You’ll also make it a lot harder for hackers, malware, and other undesirable influences to impact your site since there will be fewer security holes for them to exploit.

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