How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

2 May

If you decided on WordPress for your business website or professional blog, well…you’re a genius. Not only is WordPress supported by a huge community with seemingly infinite resources for customizing  your WordPress site, it’s open source and free. No wonder almost half of all new websites run on WordPress.

But once you begin searching for the best WordPress theme for your business, realize popularity comes with a price: There are thousands upon thousands of themes to choose from. 3,018 themes at 4,968 themes at the gargantuan ThemeForest. That’s without even mentioning hundreds of small foundries and other marketplaces like Mojo Marketplace and CreativeMarket.

Niche themes, do-it-all themes, free themes, premium themes. It’s a paradox of choice and can be flat-out overwhelming.

We know it can be exhausting so we compiled a few tips to make choosing a WordPress theme less intimidating.

Know Thyself (and Thy Business)

It’s tempting to charge ahead, find the first theme that looks awesome and call it a day. But if you choose a theme that doesn’t align with your business goals, trying to customize the theme can be a costly headache.

Before you set out to choose a business WordPress theme, it’s a very good idea to complete a discovery of your business. Just a few of the things you’ll want to think about:

  • What are your business goals and how well does the theme match up with them?
  • What’s your brand and how will it be displayed in the theme?
  • Who’s your competition and how will this theme help you destroy them? (yeah!)

Knowing your business, audience, competition and the context around your website will inform every decision you make about your website:

  • What content will delight my audience and support my business goals?
  • What site structure will support my content?
  • How will visitors flow through the site?

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