How to Choose The Right WordPress Theme for Your Website?

23 Oct

The choice of a WordPress theme depends on your purpose. If you are starting a blog, you will need a theme that accommodates your creative flair and at the same time stays visible to your target audience. If you are using it to build your company website, you need a sleek and lightweight theme, which reflects your brand values. When building an e-commerce site, the theme should have a shopping cart, filtering options, live site search options and sign up forms.

Free vs. Paid: the war of themes

Free themes for WordPress are quite popular among all users. The question is: why do most companies opt for premium themes even when they have access to free ones? It is certainly because of the guaranteed support. On the other hand, WordPress is an opensource platform. Therefore, most free themes do not come with customer support. They may be as attractive and useful as the paid themes, but they may not be as fine-tuned. Paid themes come with complete documentation, regular support and security patches.

For many marketing and sales oriented companies in theĀ Strip in Las Vegas, specially designed and feature-rich presentation themes are necessary. Most businesses need customizable features, and retail free themes simply will not work! It includes customization of layouts, colors, fonts, backgrounds, cart options, payment options and local SEO options.

What are the qualities of any great WordPress theme?

Pick a responsive design

Mobilegeddon happened two years ago. You should think about your mobile users ahead of your desktop users. Select a theme that can accommodate mobile devices of all screen sizes. Responsive themes with retina ready displays are the expert pick for any theme. These are themes which render on mobile devices without any hiccups.

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